- Winter Storm December 2008 -    


Here's a few images from the neighborhood and in Langley after an unusual cold snap (lows in the teens) and 8 to 10 inches of snow from back to back snow events...  The wind storm that was forecast didn't end up being too bad but the snow was dry and drifted in places.   This is NOTHING compared to what other parts of the country typically see,  but definitely not a typical December for the Northwest.  

The last decent snow we've had on Whidbey was two years ago in 2006, but it only lasted for two days and was nothing like this.   More snow is in the forecast.  




                                                                                 A sail boat that didn't survive the storm....
                                                                                  (Top half of the mast sticking out of the water - center of photo)


Another 8 inches overnight...  




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